Artist Printmaker

Christine Howes

Christine Howes comes from Bristol and specialises in Natural History and Landscapes. The work she is creating now comes from her background as an Illustrator. She went straight to Art College at eighteen years old and trained in Graphics and Illustration for five years. She then became a freelance illustrator for publishing in London and Australia, working for many major publishers; Collins, Macmillan, Usbornes and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

"I worked overseas for nine years and wrote and illustrated a series of four books on Natural History which were published by Macmillan Education, Australia." In 2001 Christine began to study printmaking with Peter Reddick RE at Spike Print Studio. She now works on several types of relief printmaking;- Woodcuts and Linocuts and also Wood Engravings. Christine regularly exhibits her work and feels lucky to have found a way to communicate her love of the natural world.

"I enjoy exploring these types of prints as each has a different quality and I am trying to create subtlety within a hard edged medium. I feel that printmaking suits me as it forces me to make choices and be sparing with detail. It is an endless and fascinating challenge!"