Jane Wills

Having worked for a number of years creating simple, but bold, colourful enamel earrings and pendants in copper. Jane has increasingly focused on enamelling copper bowls. Her popular chains of hanging leaves are made from thicker foil, that has been formed and textured before enamelling and firing. Latest jewellery includes a series of cufflinks, smaller fine silver earrings and contemporary larger pendants and brooches.

The larger surfaces of the bowls, with their curves and slopes provide an excellent ‘canvas’ for endless experimentation with the enamels. Enamels not only vary in colour but how they interact with each other, the metal and how they respond to high temperatures. Jane is able to use these processes to create a range of small bowls in a wide variety of designs and colours.

She works from a studio at home and exhibits on Arts Trails and Craft Fairs. She has undertaken a number of commissions.