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BS9 Arts Trail 2021

We are currently planning to hold the BS9 Arts Trail next summer, as a venue based trail that will conform to Covid Guidance for Public Events.

We shall circulate more up to date information, probably in October/ November.

In the meantime, we wish all our artists and patrons a healthy and productive year, and look forward to seeing you again at the next BS9 Arts Trail.


All the very best, BS9 Arts

Karen Lilley - Lilley Glass Designs


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Karen works mainly in warm glass making both decorative and functional pieces.  She uses a kiln to heat and fuse sheet, frit and powdered glass to make a decorated piece of glass which can then be slumped or draped to the form. These processes can take up to four firings and is usually followed by cold-working to finish the piece.  


Karen enjoys exploiting the qualities of glass, it can be transparent or opaque, has strength and also fragility.  She works intuitively with colour and form to explore these together with pattern, texture and chemical reactions in the glass to make her vessels and plates. These vessels often have different interiors and exteriors but a relationship between both is maintained.  This might be to do with surface texture, or more to do with the decoration.

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Redmaids' High School

Westbury Road

Westbury-on-Trym Bristol