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BS9 Arts Trail 2021

We are currently planning to hold the BS9 Arts Trail next summer, as a venue based trail that will conform to Covid Guidance for Public Events.

We shall circulate more up to date information, probably in October/ November.

In the meantime, we wish all our artists and patrons a healthy and productive year, and look forward to seeing you again at the next BS9 Arts Trail.


All the very best, BS9 Arts

Olga van Rijswijck

[email protected]



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Watercolour, collage, textile & crafts



Olga is a ‘self-taught' artist: holidays, inspiring books and friends, all act as "idea-factories" and have some influence on her work.



She works from a combination of photographs and sketches; often inspired by her travels; with key features being her vibrant use of colour, love of texture and attention to detail.



Arts & crafts is very much part of a personal journey.  She would like the viewer to share  the feeling that she has really enjoyed the process and that art is her happy


Venue 10


St Monica’s

Cote Lane