Ceramics and Silver

Potterhia by Karla Turner

Karla Turner has been interested in clay for a long time, and became serious a couple of years ago, when she started weekly classes and from there it became more and more addictive.

“It’s now at the point where every cup of tea is cold, I forget to eat and I’m late for everything because I’m lost in the clay”. Her inspiration comes from the coastal landscape and fauna, particularly that of South Cornwall.

Karla uses all types of clay; stoneware, earthenware and porcelain a mixture of building techniques; throwing, hand and slab-building and slip casting. She enjoys the science behind the process of clay, glaze and heat becoming a unique piece. The transformation of her creation with a bit of chemistry endlessly excites her inner geek.

Karla exhibited at Alchemy 2019 and her work can be bought from The Art Gallery South West and The Art Cohort, Bath.