Art, photography, design & technology

Redmaids' High School

A unique opportunity to see Bristol’s best, upcoming creative talent as the renowned Art, Design and Technology departments of the country’s oldest existing girls’ school opens its doors to showcase the exceptional work of their students.

More than 60 emerging artists exhibit their GCSE, A-Level and IB work in a collection of diverse and engaging pieces, showcasing drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture and photography alongside a range of art textiles including free-machine embroidery, soluble fabric, sublimation printing and applique. The standard and quality rivals the best in Bristol.

The exhibition promises to challenge your perception of creative arts. Be astounded by the photorealistic portraiture and thought-provoking explorations of cultural and political issues expressed through sculpture and stitch.

“I dare you to visit and leave without saying ‘wow’ at least once. The creativity, standard and exceptional quality of the work is truly breath-taking” Beth Sims, Head of Art.

“The skill level, development of ideas and attention to detail is extraordinarily mature, way beyond what one might expect of such young people and guaranteed to leave you in awe” Stephanie Hill, Head of Design and Technology.