Badminton School,

Westbury Road,

Bristol BS9 3BA

The Badminton School Creative Arts Centre is an inspiring place where students benefit from encountering a very wide range of artists and artistic techniques. Pupils work in the beautiful Centre, where bright studios are accompanied by a contemporary gallery space. There is wheelchair access to the main Arts Centre entrance.

We can offer the following from the horsebox (which is undergoing some significant work this summer!).

Tea & Coffee
Breakfast Baps – Bacon / Sausage (time dependent)
Fresh Pizza
Sandwiches & salads
Hot Soup – homemade (weather dependent)

Artists exhibiting at this venue

Safa Aslam

Fiona Barr

dona B drawings

Linda Brogan

Caroline Casswell

Shuya Cheng

Anne-marie Curran

Aly Dalrymple

TG Freeson

Jacqui Habgood Hall

Mariví o'Leary

Laura Robertson

Jane Snook

Olga van Rijswijck

Jane Wills

Daisy Mae Wright

Jessie Harlin