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​​Upcycled lamps made with old bicycles abandoned in Bristol

Francisco Serrano journey into sculpture art started on 2017 with the project Bikebonesbristol. He managed to mix his skills as a bicycle framebuilder with his passion for recycling and foraging. All the bicycle parts and most of the skulls are found in the streets of Bristol or woodland around it.

Working with skulls, bikes or old machines gives him a raw material that once had a life. That is their intrinsic beauty, like patterns on wood. Its a beauty that naturally catches the human eye.

Beauty should not be separated from the tapestry of daily life, not be defined by a class of artists and should not be another stock to speculate with. Traditionally art was produced by artisans and was enjoyed in everyday use, like the geometric shapes on a carpet or a poem made to be passed on. In many of this artifacts the beauty of their shape came naturally from the inner purpose they fulfill, like the geometry of a bicycle. Bikebonesbristol upcycle some of those abandoned objects to save some of their original beauty.

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