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Dr Monica Cuellar

Oils and acrylics on wooden panel

My work aims to transmit the emotions that I experience through observation of the natural world in all its nuances. 

The brevity of life worth preserving and complexity of nature are themes that inform my paintings. I enjoy capturing the essence of my living subjects in their uniqueness and time boundness. 

I paint with acrylic in varying consistencies using an impasto technique on wood panel. This allows me to express multiple details all living in harmony. In this way, I can shine a light on the invisible biological processes in nature that I have carefully studied during my years as a doctor. I have experienced the significant effect they have on our emotions and I translate this to the viewer using colour and gold leaf to increase the vibrancy. I like to think of it as keeping my fragile yet powerful subjects alive, imbuing them with light, warmth, and movement.