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J.K. Bleeg

Acrylic & mixed media

Jennifer is an acrylic painter inspired by colour and how it can elevate memories, moods and simple everyday pleasures. "My first and most vivid memories are of colours: a canary-yellow balloon my parents bought for me at a parade when I was two, a shimmering aqua swimming pool, my cherry-red tricycle. In my painting practice I like to examine and experiment with how colour impacts mood and energy.


Since a colour is defined by the colours surrounding it, I like to test the boundaries of a shade on canvas by partnering it with neighbors that can elevate its drama."


Jennifer's work incorporates many layers of acrylic paint and touches of pastel, which create depth, build texture and develop a backdrop for bold pops of colour. In her expressive abstract, floral and landscape paintings, she aims to use colour to stir memories and evoke emotion. Her work is in private collections in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.