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Lesley Cottle

Acrylics and mixed media on wood


Lesley’s work has evolved over the course of her painting life, from highly decorative detailed patchwork paintings inspired by global fabrics to a sometimes more intuitive and naive style.  Her current work incorporates collage and mixed media with acrylics on wooden panels.


Her pictures often have an unconscious narrative woven into the layers and psychological and spiritual themes emerge.  She says that her process often allows her to deal with whatever is occurring in life at the time. “The process for me is all important and is part therapy and part spiritual practise”.  She loves to start her work with no preconceived ideas and allow the paintings to just manifest.


She has shown her work at the RWA Open and is a regular guest artist at Studio Three, Clevedon.  She sells her work online via different art platforms. 


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