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Lisa Travers

Collage & mixed media


Lisa Travers is a neurodivergent interdisciplinary artist. Her works are heavily influenced by pattern and geometry and predominantly start life as materials destined for landfill. They explore issues relevant to Lisa’s life such as feminism, health, social and environmental issues. 


Kaleidoscopes are Lisa’s current obsession. She loves the way different elements come together to form a completely new idea. Her three-dimensional collages resemble kaleidoscopes, the original slices of material transform and become something new, almost resembling life forms. These multi layered pieces are all painstakingly hand cut using optical surgery scissors and knives. 


Lisa takes inspiration from many sources – anatomy, folk stories, pop art, punk, victoriana, circus, biology, horror, entomology, curiosity cabinets, sci fi, pop culture, psychiatry, psychedelia, geometry, the grotesque and the surreal. She has exhibited in shows at the RWA, Spike Island and Bruton Art Factory and has made work for Bestival and Glastonbury Festivals. 


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