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Margit Jones-Hochstrasser

Mixed media based on acrylics 


Margit moved from Austria to the UK in 1994. She has a fascination with art and appreciates a vast variety of artists and styles. In her eyes, art  transports the viewer into another world which is stimulating and relaxing at the same time.  She is self-taught and is delighted to be able to spend more of her time creating her own pieces following a major operation in 2020. 


Inspired by the colours, textures, energy and shapes of nature and the emotion they create, Margit works mainly on canvas with acrylics and mixed media in a very unique abstract style. Experimenting with texture and recycled materials energises her painting process. Inspiration comes from artists such as Monet, Chagall, Picasso, Klimt, Warhol amongst other more contemporary, less famous artists. She applies fluid art techniques and also loves to add a sparkle in one way or another. 


Painting for Margit is her happy place. The intention of her work is for the viewer to lose themselves, discover a different perspective every time they look at the painting and step away reenergised.  

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