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Nancy Chambers

Acrylic & mixed media


Nancy began exhibiting her contemporary, colourful paintings on the BS9 Arts Trail in 2019. Since then, her work has gained wide appreciation, can be found in homes and galleries across the world.

In 2020, with more time to paint, Nancy was invited to exhibit alongside some of the UK's most accomplished artists including 5 Turner Prize winners and had two paintings selected by the judges for the RWA Annual Open exhibition in 2020/21 and more recently, for the Broadway Arts Festival 2021.

She says “I have painted throughout my life and following a 30 year career in the charity sector, I am delighted to finally have the time to painting professionally.”

Nancy says “I aim to capture an essence rather than a literal interpretation of each subject. I enjoy not just the colour but the textural quality of paint and I work with both to achieve the finished painting. With a dandelion, for instance, I paint with needles to capture their distinctive petals and for my poppy paintings I make my own ‘palette knives’ from old milk cartons.

I have also become known for my interpretative seascapes, landscapes and abstract works, usually working is acrylics but with some collage and mixed media. Indeed many of my recent commissions have been for large, expansive seascapes.

Other people are attracted to my realist fruit paintings which, during lockdown in the UK, took a darker turn. This unconscious reaction evolved into a series of dark fruit paintings which continues to grow and I have made many available as prints.

The common thread in the subject matter is my love of nature, inspired by trips around the coast of south west England.

Please don't hesitate to contact Nancy to arrange a studio visit in Bristol, or to receive detailed images and videos with commentary about any piece that catches your eye, or about commissioning a piece to fit your room.

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