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Penny Seume

Digitally printed linen, silk and velvet accessories derived from original paintings and collages


Penny uses imagery from the landscape as inspiration for atmosphere, texture and colour. By combining painting and collage with photography, Penny creates  original designs which are then digitally printed onto velvet, silk and linen and made into limited edition high quality fabrics, scarves and home accessories. Living and working in Bristol, Penny uses local and global imagery from her travels as inspiration; her unique designs reference the original location in a subtle way and capture some of the inherent mood and magic. 

Penny studied at Bath Spa University, completing an MA Design course in Textiles; inspiration from the Bath Landscape maybe seen in her Urban Neutral designs and paintings. A member of the Devon Guild and the Society of Designer Craftsmen, Penny received a Distinction award at the Jan 2013 Society of Designer Craftsmen annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, Piccadilly for her New York inspired body of work. Artistic influences maybe found in the colours and textures of Klee, Klimt, Hopper and Peter Doig.

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