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Rosie Reiter

Digital Artist, Procreate, Giclee and digital printing

Colourful exotic statements


Rosie is a Chelsea trained artist and art teacher with over ten years experience. She began her art career in the art departments of TV and film, working on productions including Batman, Harry Potter and James Bond, and more recently teaching Art.


After years of helping others express their creativity, Rosie is really excited to be finally fulfilling her dream to create her own beautiful artwork in the form of art prints, greeting cards, new gift wrap and textile ranges. These include lamp shades, tea towels and an array of wash and cosmetic bags.


Rosie’s art comes in a range of sumptuous designs inspired by the vibrant colours of the jungle and arid landscapes of the desert, and are made up of exotic plants, tropical flowers, cacti and jewel like birds, and showcase her passion for bold contrasting colours, shapes and textures.


Sustainability is at the heart of Rosie’s business. Her greeting cards are on FSC certified recycled card stock and her gift wrap is also recyclable. She uses biodegradable packaging, local printers and ethical suppliers.

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